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Beyond The Pale

Album artwork and promo campaign
Rough Trade 2020

Beyond the Pale is the debut album from JARV IS... on Rough Trade Records. This is the first original music from Jarvis Cocker since the Further Complications album in 2009.

As well as the artwork which was designed in collaboration with Jarvis. Promotional items included special Tip-On debosssed gatefold vinyl (glow in the dark!), tape, CD, ltd edition JARV IS... tea packaging, a jigsaw, billboards, promo posters, shop displays, t-shirts, stickers, tote bags the lot!

Art direction

Album artwork/identity/promo
Bytes 2019...

Working with Bytes since the label inception in 2019. Including label art direction and identity and sleeve design for record sleeves and cassettes.

Includes original artwork for albums by Minotaur Shock, A Lily, Franz Kirmann and Andy Bell’s (Ride, Oasis) GLOK project. Including a personal highlight the GLOK - Dissident Remixed double vinyl including Andrew Weatherall remix.

Somerset House

Somerset House 2019

Graphic design and print for special foil blocked invites for a Somerset House charity event. Using original photos taken by artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard a collage was created showing cut-up elements of different parts of the building. The invite has a cut off corner creating a ‘cut-out-and-keep’ representation of the Somerset House identity.

Jarvis Cocker
Domestic Disco

Instagram promo
@jarvisbransoncocker 2020

During the first lock-down Jarvis took to Instagram to host live DJ nights from his living room... in order to promote the events different Instagram cards were created with a variety of messages taken from lyrics from the new Beyond The Pale album. The rainbow/black circle motif also ended up on a ltd edition print included with the ltd Christmas 12” release.

‘How I’m Feeling’ World Tour

Global print promotion
Kobalt 2020

Huge promotional campaign for the LAUV world tour which sadly due to the global situation was eventually cancelled.

Localised versions of posters, billboards, press ads, online ads, Spotify ads, bus wraps even, were created for a massive amount of territories including Australia, S. America and Europe...

¡La Ruta!

12” artwork
Days of Being Wild 2020

Artwork and layout for ¡La Ruta! including artist identity.

¡La Ruta! is Martyn Walsh the bass player and songwriter of Inspiral Carpets and Sean Johnston a producer and DJ partner to the late Andrew Weatherall as A Love from Outer Space. The record is a combination of electronics, live bass and swirling psychedelic organ. For the front they wanted a Danceteria style, DIY cut up 80’s NYC scene...

Dissident & Dissident Remixed

Album artwork
Bytes 2019

Vinyl artwork for Bytes for a release by Andy Bell under his electronic alias GLOK. Fusing synthwave and Detroit techno via John Carpenter soundtracks this album is a future motorik classic!

For the artwork I wanted to show a sense of time passed and travel, so I adapted long exposure shots of car headlights creating a mesh of light trails and intersecting road markings. Also shown the double remix album with remixed artwork...

House Music All Night Long

4 x ltd 12”
Rough Trade 2020

Lost in the land of the living room. Adrift in the world of interiors. It's serious - JARV IS... managed to inadvertently predict the lock-down of 2020 with this song of claustrophobia. For the ltd 12” we sourced the most acid/vibrant paper possible in 4 day-glo colours. ‘Ain’t that the truth?’

Gavin Thorpe
From Now On

EP artwork
Distiller Music 2020

Two releases for Gavin Thorpe which have received amazing radio play, being picked for BBC Radio 2 new music playlist for Jan.

The designs for each are based on Gavin’s own handwriting and treated photographs of flamingos.


Watershed 2019

Watershed is a leading film, culture and digital media centre in the South West. They develop cultural engagement that is open, disruptive and co-produced and they thrive on risk taking and the sharing of ideas.

I’ve worked closely with their digital department for the last ten years or so on their main site creating a unified design library.

Shinya Sugimoto, Jeremy Young with Julia Kent
Total Fiction

12” artwork
Phinery 2017

Steve McQueen has a piece of work called Weight which is a gold metal mosquito net draped over a prison cell bed. I took some photos of this and these become the basis of the sleeve artwork. The front of the sleeve started out from a photo of a stack of paper on a cell floor. All photos were taken at an Artangel installation in old Reading Goal where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned.

Nucleic Acid Analysis
Label identity and artwork

Album artwork
NAA 2019

Label identity and artwork for the first nine releases on Bristol’s weird electronic/acid label Nucleic Acid Analysis. Each of the sleeves was adapted from a single line drawing that was sent into space on the Pioneer F spacecraft, destined to be the first man made object to escape from the solar system into interstellar space.

Real World Records

Real World 2018

Design and build of the Real World website. The site needed to show the huge amount of amazing albums that Real World have released over the last 25 years. Secondly it needed to showcase their ongoing record label simply and without fuss. Showing audio/video content, streaming music and quick and easy ways to buy albums.

Frank Kirmann

Album artwork
Bytes 2019

Franz’s album is called Madrapour based on the book of the same name. I found a German issue of the book from the 70s and reworked the front image of a strange face, I then manipulated this digitally to get the sweeping vortex of feedback and lines.

As with all Bytes releases there is the now obligatory circle cut-out. This time in a vibrant blue.

Mix series

Album/mixes artwork
Seagrave 2017

Seagrave asked me to design a series of artwork for six of their album releases. They all had to have a recurring theme so I drew with brush and ink a library of shapes and forms, then processed these digitally so give them a mathematical and abstract look.

Also as part of the project was a series of mixes which expanded on the original shapes and forms.

House Music All Night Long

4 x ltd 12”
Rough Trade 2019

After doing the JARV IS... tour t-shirts and ltd single from the film ‘Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories’ on Rough Trade, I was asked to work on the new artwork.

The record is about a primordial rave amongst other things so I wanted to make it look a bit like an old school rave flyer. The image started life as a photo by the artist Andy Holden taken at a JARV IS... gig inside a cave in the Peak District! Four ltd 12”’s were created each with a different version of the artwork.


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